8 Relaxing Teas to Ease Anxiety and Promote Restorative Sleep

8 Relaxing Teas to Ease Anxiety and Promote Restorative Sleep

Relaxing can sometimes be at the bottom of a woman’s to-do list.

From family or work dynamics to the pressure we put on ourselves to be productive, we just don’t relax well. And there are some difficulties that come with that — from mood swings to feeling less than 100%, lack of sleep hinders you from enjoying your life to the fullest. 

Resting your body and relaxing your mind is part of a healthy wellness journey, to being the best version of yourself all day, every day.  

Promoting Healthy, Rejuvenating Sleep

Femallay is passionate about herbal teas and, specifically, how relaxing tea compounds can benefit you. As you aim higher and reach for the healthiest version of yourself, discover how herbals can help you on your wellness journey.

Woman sleeping well
Here are some of the most beneficial relaxing herbs and how they can help you wind down whenever you need it!

Families have capitalized on the calming effect of chamomile tea for generations — and for good reason! This tried and true herb has been found to encourage rest because of a powerful antioxidant, called apigenin. This compound binds brain receptors that can decrease anxiety and help you fall asleep.  

Lavender tea promotes relaxation and wellness through aromatherapy. One study of mothers in Taiwan showed that those that drank Lavender tea every day for two weeks, taking time to enjoy the aroma, had less fatigue and depression!

Valerian Root
Valerian Root, an herb native to Asia and Europe, is used to reduce insomnia, anxiety, symptoms of menopause, and headaches. It has been used in herbal remedies for over 2,000 years. 

Lemon Balm
Used for its stress-reducing and sleep-inducing properties since the Middle Ages, this mint family herb can be used as aromatherapy as well as ingesting as a tea! The pleasant scent of lemon and mint is mild — it’s dried leaves can be added to lemonade or water infusions or prepared as a tea to gain its benefits! 

The passionflower has a unique and compelling journey to be included in teas. In 1633, a Jesuit priest noticed the similarities of this plant’s form to the experiences Jesus faced in the crucifixion. Years later, the flower became popular as an herbal remedy. A sleep study showed improved sleep quality when taking this herb.

Fennel is usually prized for its digestive benefits. But because it’s a mild muscle relaxer, drinking it can promote a better physical state to lead to a higher quality of rest!

This pleasant and familiar floral tea has been used to help increase Vitamin C content as well as promote immune health and soothe an upset stomach. But rose also has shown a slight hypnotic effect, helping to promote sleep.

Ashwagandha Root
Ashwagandha root is an adaptogen herb that can promote healthy stress response, restful sleep, and a boosted libido. A recent study shows that this herb can help calm anxiety and insomnia. Earthy and full-bodied, the Ashwagandha flavor is best enjoyed with a little milk and honey. 

Finding the right tea for you

We all have to leave the struggles, worry, and work of the day behind us and truly support our bodies as we prepare for sleep. Thankfully, nature often provides everything we need to feel our best.

We’ve created a line of herbal teas specifically formulated to address women’s issues, including relaxing! Here’s our favorite 5 to help you unwind while you’re juggling your many roles and living life to the fullest. 

Smooth cycle tea for rest

Smooth Cycle Herbal Tea

Warm cinnamon with a hint of soothing mint blend synergistically with traditional herbs to relieve tension and support good mood during your most uncomfortable time of the month.


nursing mother tea

Nursing Mother's Herbal Tea

Melt away new mom worries as you sip on this sweet infusion of soothing chamomile and herbs traditionally used to promote lactation, health, and healing for you and your little one.


Delicate floral notes and bright citrus blend harmoniously with stimulating mint and nurturing herbs to create an aromatic cup of feminine health-boosting tea. 


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