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Femallay Says "Goodbye" to Etsy

Femallay made a hard call this week to exit the Etsy platform after running into some serious issues with Etsy when our products went viral on TikTok in March 2021 - and we want to explain why and let you know where you can find the best shopping experience for Femallay products going forward!

Etsy can be a fun marketplace for handcrafted goods and perhaps people who are just getting started, don’t have a website, or are simply casual shop sellers.

We’re grateful that we were able to serve our customers there as an additional platform for Femallay products, but now that we know (and have experienced) some problems with providing a quality experience on Etsy, it's time for us to say "Good-Bye!"

Why Femallay is Leaving Etsy

We’ve been in business for going on 10 years and have been on Etsy for the same length of time. We initially saw it as a great way to reach as many potential customers with our products!

But since the start, a few things have made it difficult for us to maintain transparency and trust Etsy to do the right thing for our customer base. Here are a few things that have led up to this decision.

1. We don’t own our customer base on Etsy, Etsy does. What this means is we can’t quickly and easily contact you if there’s an issue or an exciting promotion or new products you may be interested in. We have no control over the sales process and can’t effectively communicate about shipping and delivery if there's an issue that comes up - like when we went viral and suddenly had our processing times dramatically extended.

Customer support/satisfaction is our number one priority, so this was a massive factor in our decision to leave.

We need to know that our customers can connect with us and that we can communicate great deals, new products, or order fulfillment issues that may arise. Purchasing our products should be a pleasant experience from the start, and we don’t want to risk anything impacting how we can help you.

2. For entrepreneurs looking at Etsy, be aware that we experienced a dramatic rise in fees when we started getting more sales. Our margins went from spending 2.9% to list on Etsy to over 15% of profits going to Etsy fees.

This makes it hard to offer discounts to our customers on top of the steep fees, as well as maintain reasonable pricing for our products. No thanks, Etsy!

Be sure you understand the entire scope of fees, including those that go to the offsite ads. You can end up losing between 8-23% of your revenue.

3. Beyond the fees, there is a rising issue with other Etsy shop owners practicing fraud and trademark infringement and adding in misleading shop descriptions. People have searched for us on Etsy, clicked on their stores, thinking they are selling our products or products similar to ours, and often lose money to fraudulent sellers. We've alerted Etsy to this issue, but they have not been helpful with cracking down on the fraud and trademark infringement, though the practice is illegal and they are aware of their responsibility to remove such cases and product listings from their site.

Since our brand and products are unique to Femallay, you won't find the same quality and experience anywhere else! When looking for Femallay's organic vaginal melts, period cups, and feminine health boosting teas, your safest and best bet is always to come straight to our website.

4. We already sell on two other e-commerce sites besides our online shop, with a very specific fulfillment system and these have a dramatically better impact on the market — more on that in a minute! On Etsy, we were not able to process and ship orders as quickly as we needed to when orders began to increase. This contributed to our decision to drop that storefront due to decreased customer experience and satisfaction, particularly when we went viral in March 2021.

5. Finally, Etsy was limiting what we could sell on their platform and required that we pay for Google Ads directing all Google searches for Femallay to their website instead of ours. 

This marketing has created a lot of confusion for customers searching for Femallay products. We weren't able to share our entire line of products with our Etsy customers, and they did not get the best experience with our brand as a result. For that, we apologize.

Where Can I Purchase Femallay Products?

On to the happier news!

You can find Femallay products on our website, on our Amazon storefront (but be careful to only purchase from the official Femallay seller store on Amazon) — and you can now see a selection of our products at the Vitamin Shoppe and in Vitamin Shoppe stores around the country! We know that our customers will be treated well with those stores and find them a huge benefit as we partner to get Femallay products out.

But as far as receiving every promotion, hearing about new products, and getting alerts when items are available, you will get the best customer support experience working with us directly on femallay.com.


We hope that this has clarified a few things about why you may have had a less-than-stellar experience with purchasing Femallay through Etsy. We deeply care for our customers and are working to ensure that you find a seamless and straightforward shopping experience with every partner in the days to come!

P.S. Waiting on one of your faves? Visit any product page on our site, and sign up for an email alert — be the first to know it's back in stock!

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