Period Products: The Benefits of Reusable Pads

Period Products: The Benefits of Reusable Pads

It's that time of month, and you find yourself at the store again to buy period products. Not only are periods uncomfortable, but they're also expensive: The average woman spends 20 dollars every cycle on pads, tampons, and medicine for pain management.

Reusable pads are a great option if you want something different for your periods. Have you ever thought about switching menstrual products? Here are some of the key advantages of reusable pads.

Save Money

Buying disposable period products every month may not seem like a lot at the time, but it can certainly add up to thousands over a lifetime. Worst of all, the products are single-use, meaning you must throw them away and constantly buy more.

With reusable pads, simply throw them in the wash and use them again for your next cycle. If you take care of them properly, you can use them many times before buying new ones.

Increased Comfort

Sometimes the chemicals or material of disposable pads can irritate your skin. If you have sensitive skin, periods may exacerbate your symptoms or cause uncomfortable rashes.

Reusable pads are made of cloth so they won't chafe against your skin. You do not have to worry about irritating your skin when it is more sensitive already.

Less Noticeable to Change

Have you ever been in the bathroom and changed a pad? The ripping noise is a clear sign to everyone in the bathroom that you're on your period. It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

You do not have to worry about any of that with a cloth pad. Cotton and fleece don't make noise when you open them and stick them to your underwear.

It's also annoying to open a pad in the bathroom because static can make it difficult to throw away the wrapper. Cloth pads are easy to unfold without struggling with plastic and paper wrappers.

Pick Your Style

Reusable pads don't have to be boring. Rather than sticking to the dull white cotton of disposable period products, why not jazz it up with fun colors and patterns?

You can still buy reusable pads in different sizes as well. For instance, use smaller pads on light days and larger pads for heavier times or to wear overnight.

Environmentally Friendly

Period products are a significant contributor to pollution on our planet. They also take forever to break down, meaning they will sit in landfills or oceans for many years.

By switching to environmentally friendly reusable pads, you can save thousands of disposable pads or tampons from going to landfills. If enough women do this, it can substantially affect pollution.

With proper care, products like reusable pads and menstrual cups can last many years before you throw them away and purchase new ones.

When considering disposable period products, the packaging also ends up in landfills. Manufacturing them uses up valuable resources and creates a huge carbon footprint.

Clean and Hygienic

As long as you properly wash your pads, you shouldn't have any problems with hygiene. Rinse and soak your pads before passing them to remove as much blood as possible.

You can toss the pads in the washing machine with all your other clothes. However, make sure to wash them on cold. Doing so will help to remove bloodstains and make them look good as new.

If you want to handwash your pads, you can massage them in a sink or a container of water, along with cleanser or stain remover. You will save water and keep your reusable pads separate from other laundry.

You should also change your pads every few hours to maintain good hygiene. Even if you do not have a heavy flow, it is important to stave off bacteria and keep your pad fresh at all times.

No Unsafe Chemicals

Although disposable period products seem like cotton, they often contain many harmful chemicals. These synthetic chemicals can cause problems and contribute to environmental pollution.

If you notice rashes or other skin problems during your period, your period products may be the cause. Switch to reusable pads and see if your issues go away.

Reusable pads are entirely organic and do not contain any synthetic or questionable chemicals. You can rest easy knowing that only cotton and other safe materials touch your skin.

You're Always Prepared

It can be frustrating when you unexpectedly get your period. If you do not have direct access to period products, you have to improvise with toilet paper or another solution on the fly.

Gone are the days of asking your friends or random strangers if they have an extra pad or tampon. Reusable pads mean that you can always prepare for your next period.

Keep a spare reusable pad on hand so you'll never need a disposable pad. You can even offer it to a friend who is in need, so they won't have to suffer without proper coverage.

Consider Switching to Reusable Pads

You shouldn't have to worry about your period products on top of everything else during that time of month. With reusable pads, you can have a discreet and comfortable experience.

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