Affiliate Links to help you work from home

40+ Affiliate Links and Resources to Build Your Business

So you're diving in to affiliate marketing.

Or you're still dipping your toes in to see if you feel comfortable with the idea.

Wherever you're at, here's a comprehensive resource that outlines —

  • Some great affiliate programs to participate in,
  • Marketing tools you should absolutely check out,
  • Trainings from experts on making money as an affiliate,
  • And the best affiliate links and resources you need to build your business.

Does that list make you as excited as it makes me?! 

Working from home with affiliate links

Affiliate Marketing Resources

Before we get to the good stuff, I do want to warn you — you can get bogged down with trying new things out all the time and using too many resources.

We suggest picking 2-3 resources from each list to get a handle on and see what you want to pursue as you figure out what you need. Once you've found the best solution, stick with your processes until you know it's time to re-evaluate that area.

Without further ado, here's the complete resource list for affiliate marketing!


Affiliate Marketing Tools

Finding/Managing Affiliate Programs

ClickBank — This well-established global e-commerce retailer has its own affiliate marketplace. You can find many opportunities here. 

Awin + ShareASale — Provides another affiliate/business relationship building platform to encourage growth.

44 of the Best Affiliate Programs — This HubSpot post gives great information on 44 high paying affiliate programs.


Namecheap — This domain provider brings a budget option to sourcing a domain name and/or hosting. It excels in many areas but struggles sometimes with customer support, but if you're looking for a great deal on your domain and hosting, this may be a great option. 

Bluehost —One of the most recognizable names in hosting, Bluehost is setting themselves up as the gold standard for Wordpress site building. They offer incredible support at competitive pricing. 

Wordpress — Naturally, the next thing we tackle is your web builder. If you're looking for the best blogging solution, Wordpress has been used successfully since it's inception in 2003. 

ThirstyAffiliates — If you do go with Wordpress, this fantastic plugin will help keep your urls short, protect your commissions, and help you make more money.

Squarespace — Another great option — with an easy and beautiful interface — is Squarespace. This site builder doesn't have the flexibility that Wordpress has, but it's more user friendly for those who are just learning how to build out the backend of a website.  

Flippa — If you need a certain domain name but it's already owned or you want to purchase an existing site that has some traffic already generating, you can do so at Flippa. This may be helpful for those who are a little more seasoned in the affiliate marketing world. 

Generating Traffic - This free resource is an alternative to Google Autocomplete, that you can use to find the right long-tail keywords to incorporate in SEO methods. 

Ubersuggest — This SEO research tool from Neil Patel starts as a free resource with limited functions. You can pay to unlock different functions at different tiers. (And, as a bonus, Neil Patel provides loads of SEO training for free — while he may not be as loved as some in the marketing world, his emails are definitely educational and consistent.) It's great as a first step toward SpyFu or things like SEMRush and Ahrefs.

Yoast SEO — If you're using Wordpress, check out this plugin for everything technical SEO.

Creating Images/Content

Canva — Canva is a one-stop shop for everything graphics. The free version has lots of usable templates and ideas for everything from Instagram to Pinterst videos. But with the paid version, you can sharpen your design workflow with preset colors, logos, and more. 

Free Commercial-Use Images — Check out Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels for some great images to use in your content and blogging. 

Grammarly —A great extension to use with Google to find typos, check the thesaurus, and provide writing analysis to enhance your content. 

Duplichecker — To beware of plagiarism, it's best to run your words through duplichecker or another word search to be sure your free and clear. 

Managing Your Social Schedule

Tailwind — Great for Pinterest users, as well as other social platforms, Tailwind helps you schedule your content, find the right hashtags, and loop your existing Pinterest content!

Later — This is a great scheduler for those who manage a few sites across Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Great ease of use and ability to post an image across all platforms!

Hootsuite — Another great social media scheduler with ease of use and functionality. 

MeetEdgar — A social scheduler with a twist — Meet Edgar provides some automation to create posts for you!

Marketing Tools

Google Analytics — A must for every marketer to understand their website, their goals, and their ROI! Start using it today (it's free!) to start monitoring all of your social and digital platforms.

Hubspot —Provides lots of free tools to start growing and marketing your site. Many features are paid and you can start to utilize them as you grow!

Pinterest — Pinterest is an excellent resource for generating traffic to your site. You can find great tutorials to help you in creating an attention-grabbing pin and how to write for SEO on Pinterest – and then use systems like Tailwind to help your content cycle on auto-pilot, generating more eyes on your blogs/content. 

Rebrandly – Check out this url shortener and tracking software! It helps you brand every link you share and provides great analytics to keep you on top of your link sharing game. 

Thriveleads — This powerful Wordpress plugin helps you develop landing pages and opt-in forms that help you curate your following!

Mobile Monkey — If you need a chat integration feature on Facebook or your website, this is a great choice to get conversations flowing. 

AddThis — A great link building opportunity with social share buttons to add to your posts.

Learning How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Here's a collection of some courses, influencers, and articles — all on how to get started with affiliate marketing and generating traffic to your blog or your favorite content stream! 

How To's on Affiliate Marketing and Basic Steps

Jenna Kutcher - Online Marketing Guru

How to Make Money on Amazon

Using Gift Guides

Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

Getting Started with Clickbank

Promoting Your Blog

Leveraging Facebook

And there you have it!

Take these 40+ affiliate links and resources and start crushing your goals, selling online! We're rooting for you and hope that you have success in your affiliate marketing endeavors!

Woman working as an affiliate marketer


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