Foods That Fight Nausea During Pregnancy

Foods That Fight Nausea During Pregnancy

Most women agree that there’s nothing better than the feeling of being pregnant. But, they would also like to forget any nausea that comes along with it.
If you're experiencing nausea, then we have some natural cures that can put you right back on cloud nine.

Why Do We Feel Nauseous During Pregnancy?

To treat your morning sickness, it’s important to understand why you may feel nausea in the first place.
While there is no exact scientific reasoning behind nausea, there are certain factors that can create these feelings. For instance, the stress of pregnancy can make us feel sick. And, since our hormones also peak in the morning, sometimes nausea is inevitable. Your genetics may also play a part.
It’s also possible to experience adverse effects to certain aspects of the environment that can worsen nausea. For example, many women are sensitive to certain odors during pregnancy. While others can become uncomfortable due to being in sticky, hot weather.
Although nausea is perfectly natural, there are situations when you may want to call a doctor. If you cannot keep liquids down, if you feel constant dizziness, or if you aren’t producing urine.

Types Of Foods That Can Fight Nausea During Pregnancy

Consider these foods to quell your nausea:

High-Protein Foods

High-protein foods increase the gastrin in our bodies, which aids in digestion. This helps you feel better faster.
If you can only handle a lighter meal, then Greek yogurt or hard-boiled eggs are great options. Trail mix, peanut butter, and hard cheese are also great snacking options to quell your nausea.

Easy To Digest Foods

When you're looking for something to ease your nausea, you want to find food that's easy to digest. Crackers are high in starch and will soak up some of the gastric acids that can settle in your stomach.
Toast can also help to soak up some of that acid, and it won't be too jarring for your system.


There are many fruit options that can also help with morning sickness. Watermelon is easy to swallow and digest, it can ease heartburn, and it can help to prevent muscle cramps.
Lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits are also great during pregnancy. They're easy to digest, and the scent of them can help to ease your nausea. You can eat or drink them in a variety of ways, including squeezing them into your water and tea. Be sure to eat lemons in moderation because their acidity can be a bit much if you overindulge.


Many experts recommend turning to ginger to ease morning sickness. It all goes back to Chinese medicine discovered hundreds of years ago. It’s said to treat nausea and vomiting, and you can have ginger in many ways:
  • Eat ginger lollipops
  • Add fresh ginger root to your salad
  • Put powdered ginger on oatmeal or in a smoothie

Cold Beverages

Certain cold beverages can settle your stomach, including smoothies. When making a smoothie, add coconut water or almond milk to create consistency. Add a little lemon juice for an extra touch.
Carbonated beverages can also do wonders for your nausea. This is because they help to reduce the acidity in your stomach. Remember to drink it in moderation or you can fill up too quickly and add unnecessary sugar to your diet.

Warm Beverages

There are many warm beverages that can also do wonders for your nausea. Herbal tea is great because it keeps you hydrated and it can also rehydrate your body if you do happen to vomit. Spearmint, chamomile, and peppermint teas are tasty options. You can also add a bit of ginger to perfect the beverage.
Femallay offers many herbal and balancing tea options that put you at ease with their great taste and calming aromas. Many of our teas can also help with lactation and do wonders for immunity support.
Finally, a good soup broth can also help with nausea while keeping you hydrated. Many soup broths are also high in minerals and electrolytes, so you will feel better overall.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many foods and beverages that can help you to fight off morning sickness. Try them all and see what works best for you.

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