NEW Easy-Empty™ Menstrual Cup with Valve & Pearl - Lavender

Femallay provides all the convenience and comfort you’ve come to expect from a menstrual cup and more, with an innovative new design that includes an easy-empty valve!

Our revolutionary Femallay Easy-Empty™ Menstrual Cup gives you the most user-friendly and effective feminine hygiene experience imaginable.

Soft and reusable, the cup is simple to insert, simple to clean, and safe for your body. Non-drying medical-grade silicone shapes to your body for a leak-proof seal and comfortable fit for all ages and sizes.

The bottom valve means the cup does not need to be removed to be emptied. Just pinch the valve pearl up to open the valve, and then pinch it down to close once the cup has been emptied. Wear for 24 hours at a time, emptying when needed up to every 12 hours. That's it! You can now go about your day with no mess, no strings, no waste, and no hassle.

The Femallay menstrual cup frees you to go anywhere and do anything –

  • Wear all day in public, emptying discreetly with no concerns about noisy packaging or messy disposal
  • Enjoy protection during sports and swimming
  • Wear overnight without worries about leaks or shifting

Our long-lasting menstrual cup can be reused for years with proper care. Spare your wallet and the environment from the expense, clutter, and waste of disposable menstrual solutions.

Enjoy the comfort, convenience, and security of a cup, now easier to use than ever. Once you try the Femallay Easy-Empty™ Menstrual Cup, you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without such convenient control over your flow!

Included in Box

  • 1 menstrual cup with easy-empty valve
  • 2 valve pearls
  • 1 cotton storage bag
  • detailed helpful instructions with illustrations

Health & Safety

Feel better using feminine hygiene designed with your health in mind. Our menstrual cups are made with 100% FDA-approved, medical-grade silicone with no latex rubber, plastic, or BPA.

Also free of chlorine, dioxin, and synthetic fibers which are often found in disposable tampons and pads and linked to increased feminine health risks.


Our Easy-Empty™ menstrual cups come in two sizes, Small (15 ml fluid capacity) and Large (25 ml fluid capacity).

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