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Sea Clouds are premium sponge tampons brought to you by The Sea Sponge Company.  They are super soft, absorbent, and have been professionally cleaned to be safe for personal care use.  For your benefit, never use a sponge for menstrual care, vaginal treatments, or intimacy that has not been first professionally cleaned. 

Sea sponges have long been enjoyed as a premium natural solution for a wide variety of household and personal hygiene needs.  Their popularity as a bathing luxury was recorded as far back as the Ancient Greeks.  And though less well known, silk sea sponges also found great success and popularity in history as one of the first "tampons" to ever be used.

Through the ages, these marvels of the sea have stood the test of time.  Our Sea Clouds™ Mediterranean Silk Sea Sponge Tampons offer women today a natural feminine hygiene solution that is healthy and safe, comfortable and convenient, affordable, and earth friendly!

Your Healthy Solution

In recent years, scientific studies have revealed various health risks associated with conventional tampons and pads.  These mainline products contain harsh synthetic fibers like rayon, cotton sprayed with pesticides, and chemicals such as Dioxin – a byproduct of the chlorine used to process cotton.  The unintended consequence of introducing these foreign chemicals to a part of your body that rapidly soaks them in is a greater risk for ovarian cancer, low fertility, and Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), to name a few.  Additionally, the synthetic fibers and chemicals left behind put male partners at a greater risk for low sperm count, prostate problems, and testicular cancer.

Our Sea Clouds™ contain no synthetic fibers, pesticides, or chlorine.  They are completely natural sponges sustainably harvested by hand from the Mediterranean Sea.  They are exceptionally absorbent on their own and even contain naturally occurring enzymes that inhibit odors and the growth of bacteria in addition to containing healthy sea minerals.

Your Comfortable and Convenient Solution

Sea Clouds™ offer more than a wholesome, highly absorbent alternative.  Once moistened, they are silky soft and conform to the vaginal wall, thus preventing skin irritation otherwise caused by rough, synthetic alternatives.  Sea Clouds™ are easy to insert and remove, and you won’t even know they’re there.

As a wonderful bonus, they can be worn safely during intercourse to stay mess-free while on your period.  Many women even choose to use our Sea Clouds™ with or without a spermicide of choice as an optional contraceptive aid.

Your Environmentally Responsible and Economical Solution

Did you know that the average woman uses about 17,000 disposable pads and tampons throughout her lifetime?  Because sea sponges are reusable and biodegradable, we don't have to worry about filling up our own trash cans, sewer systems, and the world with used feminine hygiene products.  And because Sea Clouds™ can be reused for three to six months or more, you get to save your hard-earned dollars that would normally be spent on monthly disposable pads and tampons.

To use, simply:

  1. Wet to Soften
  2. Insert Vaginally
  3. Remove to Rinse
  4. Reinsert!

Instructional Images Sea Clouds™ Sea Sponge Tampons

Additional information and cleaning instructions are included inside the natural cotton storage bag that comes in every package of Sea Clouds™ Sea Sponge Tampons.  

Recommended Sizing:  

Teeny and Mini tampons are great for teens or super light flow.  Use Mini or Light tampons with our vaginal hygiene suppositories or for light to moderate flow.  Use Regular during intercourse or for moderate to heavy flow.  Note that our sea sponge tampons are more absorbent than disposable cotton tampons, but if more protection is needed two sponges may be used at the same time.

Catch your period before it catches you by inserting a Mini or Light sponge tampon when you think you might be getting close to starting your period.  As your flow increases, you may need to bump up to a Regular sized sponge (or two) depending on how heavy your flow is.  And once you get to the end of your period, feel free to use a small sponge again for light flow protection or for spotting between periods.

If you're not sure which size to pick or are new to sea sponge tampons, we recommend choosing a 3-pack to try three different sizes!

Teeny Sea Clouds™ Sea Sponge Tampons - 1" - 1.5"
Mini Sea Clouds™ Sea Sponge Tampons - 1.5" - 2"
Light Sea Clouds™ Sea Sponge Tampons - 2" - 2.5"
Regular Sea Clouds™ Sea Sponge Tampons - 2.5" - 3"

Every package of tampons comes with a natural cotton storage bag and mini instructional brochure.  The Starter Kits also includes a  6" x 9" mesh bag that you can hang anywhere to quickly air-dry sponges and keep them off counter tops and sinks.

Green Teen Kit 3-Pack - 1 Teeny Tampon, 1 Mini Tampon, 1 Small Tampon + Natural Cotton Storage Bag + Mesh Drying Bag
Well Woman Kit 3-Pack - 1 Mini Tampon, 1 Light Tampon, 1 Regular Tampon + Natural Cotton Storage Bag + Mesh Drying Bag

The beauty of sea sponges is that they can always be trimmed to create a custom fit.  Learn how to use and care for your sea sponge tampons by clicking on the "How To - Sea Sponge Tampons" in our website menu.

Whatever the size or use, you can trust our Sea Clouds™ Sea Sponge Tampons are the highest quality nature has to offer and hand processed with the utmost level of care. 


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