Planet Wise Lite Wet Bag for Reusable Menstrual Care - To The Point

Planet Wise wet bags offer a convenient and simple way to store used menstrual pads until it's time to wash!

Each bag has a handle with a snap so it can be easily hung on a doorknob, shower bar, or wherever you choose.  Planet Wise lite wet bags are sewn and sealed with the patent-pending seam sealing that Planet Wise is famous for, keeping moisture and odors in.  They also to keep your hands clean while you empty pads into the washer.  Wash the bag right along with your pads! 

Bags are Large in size, 12" x 16"', and hold 25-30 pads, enough for your entire period.

They're also very functional and versatile. Great for travel. You can store dirty clothes, swimming suits, reusable diapers, and other belongings.

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