Feminine Hygiene Guide: 4 Menstrual Cup Benefits

Feminine Hygiene Guide: 4 Menstrual Cup Benefits

If you use single-use tampons, your period is probably a noisy, messy, wasteful, expensive, and stressful affair. Why should every single month involve wrappers, leaks, stains, and frantic trips to the store? 

If you've considered switching to menstrual cups, this is your sign to make the change.

We realize change can be stressful, however. That's why we've gathered our top four menstrual cup benefits. Continue reading to learn why women have fallen in love with this reusable feminine hygiene solution. 

1. It Lasts Up to 10 Years

The majority of women are still using single-use disposable period products. Did you know that it takes a single pad up to 800 years to degrade in a landfill naturally? Most women dispose of thousands of pads and tampons in a lifetime—but they don't have to.

When you pick up a menstrual cup, you'll be investing in a single, hygienic feminine product. Many menstrual cups last up to ten years.

Imagine how many pads or tampons you usually use over a decade! When you switch, you'll do your part to keep a lot of plastic out of the Earth's ecosystems.

2. It’s More Comfortable For You

Why have we all come to expect stains in our beloved underwear? Pads slip, tampons leak, and most women accept it. It's unhygienic, uncomfortable, and reduces the life of our favorite panties.

If you switch to a body-friendly cup, you'll enjoy a leak-proof seal that doesn't let anything out. We make our cups from non-drying medical-grade silicone, which conforms to your body. They're comfortable (especially if you've made reluctant peace with sitting in damp stains all day)!

3. You Know What You're Putting In Your Body

When you insert a disposable tampon, do you know what you're introducing to the fragile ecosystem of your body? According to experts from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, your tampons might include:

Unspecified fragrance chemicals

Pesticide residue

A bleach by-product called Dioxin

Non-organic fibers

You won't have that problem with medical-grade silicone. Femallay cups are toxin-free, safe, natural and effective. Likewise, menstrual cups are easy to clean with your choice of body-safe products. 

4. Cups Make Periods Easier

Some women use the excuse that they don't know how to use menstrual cups to avoid making a change. The truth is, it couldn't be easier. Most women can go through an entire day (or night) without needing to change their cups. That means no noisy wrappers, public bathroom balance acts, midday accidents, or awkwardly asking to borrow a pad.

The easy-empty™ cup from Femallay simplifies the process even further. Our innovative value and pearl design means you don't even need to remove your cup to empty it. Say goodbye to strings, waste, and hassle!

These Menstrual Cup Benefits Will Revolutionize Your Period

What if your period could involve less waste and mess and save you money? If that sounds appealing, consider using menstrual cups to eliminate the parts of your period that stress most women out.

You can explore the menstrual cup benefits for yourself when you give the Femallay easy-empty™ menstrual cup a try. You'll experience the most convenient control over your flow. You might never go back to your single-use period products.

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