How to Insert Your Menstrual Cup

How to Insert Your Menstrual Cup

So you’re ready to take the plunge and do this thing!

Today, we’re looking at how to insert your menstrual cup, some great folds to try, and common questions you may have when you’re learning how to use a period cup.

Don’t worry; we’re here to help at every step. Now take a deep breath, imagine yourself with a 12-24 hour window of forgetting you have a period, and let’s get to it!

How to Insert Your Menstrual Cup

When you’re learning about menstrual cups, finding the best one for you, and thinking about it abstractly, you may not be too worried. But when the package arrives in the mail, and you take it out, you may put that pretty package up for a while until you get the nerve to try.

But girl, you can do this!

You can practice inserting the cup anytime — we recommend that you try inserting it without your period to leave the mess and added hassle behind as you get used to your new favorite period care accessory.

Preparing to Use a Menstrual Cup

Before you attempt to insert your menstrual cup, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

Disinfecting your cup is so important, but you don’t want to melt the silicone, and if you boil it in a pot, that may happen. Use a cup or mug that you can repeatedly use to clean it, pour boiling water over it, and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Pro tip: Add a few drops of tea tree oil to help the cup, and you stay scent-free.

Rinse the cup with warm water, let it cool — and then, you’re ready to go.

Disinfect or wash?

As a note, you don’t have to disinfect the cup everyday while using it; but, it is a good idea to rinse it out every 12 hours or so using a mild soap (oil-free and scent-free). Pay attention to the little holes on the sides, so that the cup continues to provide adequate suction to the sides of the vaginal walls, ensuring you don’t experience leaks.

Folding Your Menstrual Cup

There are a few folds that you can try out! Depending on your physical makeup, you may find one works better than another. We’ll get to those in a minute.

While it may take some practice, you can experience a better period with this amazing period care product. With every fold, don’t be shy. Hold it firmly and work with authority. You’re going to show this thing who’s boss and feel completely in charge of your body by the end of the experience!

U or C Fold — Create a U or C shape by pinching the cup together, and folding it half with the other hand.

Punch Down or Tulip Fold — Holding in one hand, use your pointer finger of the other hand to push down on the rim, as far as you can. The side will fold in, creating a tulip-shaped fold with a narrow tip. Tighten the roll as much as you’d like and grasp firmly.

7 Fold — Hold the cup with both hands, and squeeze to push together. Fold the right corner down, toward the stem, creating a tight 7-shape. This fold easily opens once inserted.

Triangle — Hold the cup with both hands, and squeeze to push together. Fold the right corner down to the bottom of the opposite side.

Labia Fold — Hold the cup in one hand, and use the thumb and index finger of the other hand to pinch a corner of the cup. Push the corner toward the middle of the opposite rim while wrapping it with the other sides, squeezing to hold in place. This creates a smaller insertion tip similar to the tulip fold.

Origami Fold — Hold the cup at the base; with the other hand, use your index finger to push a part of the rim down half way into the base. With the hand that’s holding the base, tuck the right corner of the cup down toward the base of the opposite side.

Inserting Your Cup FAQs

What is the easiest way to insert your menstrual cup?

A simple way is to sit on the toilet and get as comfortable and relaxed as you would to insert a tampon. You can also squat, put one leg up on the toilet, or lay on your bed.

Slowly insert your menstrual cup, aiming it toward your tailbone at a slight upward angle. Fold the cup, take a few deep cleansing breaths, and locate your vaginal opening with the other hand.

If you know your cervix placement, you want to keep the cup opening parallel with the cervix. Hold the fold of the cup firmly as you insert it until you can no longer do so. Most people prefer the stem not to protrude from the vaginal opening. You will feel the cup “pop” as it opens. Continue to move the cup into your vagina by slowly pushing the base of the cup in an upward motion.

 Once placed in a comfortable position, rotate the cup one full time, holding it by the base, not the stem. Doing this will help ensure you have a proper seal and won’t experience any leaks.

How do I know if my menstrual cup is inserted correctly?

To check if the cup is inserted correctly, you can gently use your index finger to glide across the rim of the cup, checking for any bulges or divots. You should feel a smooth shape firmly planted against the vaginal wall.

Gently pull on the stem — you shouldn’t feel it move much at all. If it’s inserted correctly, you won’t experience leaking (unless you go too long without emptying it).

For the first few months, or until you know how the cup should feel, you may want to use a pantyliner to catch any discharge.

Can inserting a menstrual cup be painful?

If you follow these recommended guides and have the proper size for your body, you shouldn’t feel any pain. If you have an exceptionally high or low cervix, you may need to get to know where it’s located to ensure you’re placing the cup at the right angle, or you may want to trim the stem (not of Easy-Empty™️) for a more comfortable fit.

If you have any questions or are uncomfortable with your cup, reach out to us at — we love to help our customers understand their bodies and cups more fully!

How do I take my menstrual cup out?

Get in a comfortable sitting position, and bear down with your back muscles. Grasp the base of the cup and push into it with your pointer finger to break the seal. Slowly rock it back and forth until your feel the rim come out.

At this point, you can empty the cup, rinse, and reinsert. You may want to do this in the shower or have some wipes or a peri-bottle nearby to help you cleanse the cup.

For more tips on how to insert your menstrual cup — and other wellness routines — join us on Instagram @femallaywellness and Pinterest! We’re here to help you have a better period and a better wellness routine to help you live well every day.

Questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

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