Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Boost Your Immune System with Elderberry Tea - Plus A Simple Homemade Syrup Recipe!

Elderberry has been prepared as wine, tea, and syrups for medicinal purposes for generations — because of its effective immune boosting properties and because it simply tastes delicious! As there has been a resurgence with this herbal in recent days, there are more studies being done to prove its amazing benefit for the human body.

Elderberry Syrup Recipe

We wanted to take a few minutes today to go through the most important aspects of how Elderberry can serve your body — and a few best-recommended ways to use this immune-boosting fruit.

Keep reading for our easy homemade Elderberry syrup recipe!

Benefits of Elderberry

Whether you’re a make-your-own-syrup pro, buy elderberry gummies from health stores, or are still researching the benefits before making your first purchase, be sure to source the best organic elderberries to gain the purest health benefits.

Black Elderberry (L. Sambucus nigra) is a flowering plant, native to Europe and North America, that supports the immune system and shortens the duration of colds and influenza. 

Studies on the effectiveness of Elderberry have been conducted and found anti-viral and bacteria-fighting properties. From staving off an oncoming illness to reducing the length and severity of illness, Elderberry is a wonderful support to use throughout the winter season to help you feel better and heal faster.

What makes Elderberry effective?

Elderberry is incredible because of its powerful virus fighting properties and high amount of antioxidants. They help your body in the following ways —

Anthocyanin is a phytonutrient, from the purple hue that gives the Elderberry its rich color. It works to inhibit the starting and advanced stages of viral illness, stimulating cytokines (white blood cells) to combat illnesses more effectively. 
Flavonoids wrap the pathogens and inhibit their spread. 
Phenolic Acids help reduce oxidative stress that causes cellular damage and aging. 

In addition to antioxidant levels, Elderberry also contains high levels of Vitamin C and dietary fiber, making it a total package as immune support and a natural remedy in the wellness world! 

Can you take Elderberry Every Day?

You can take it every day — within the recommended dosages. You can also take it when you feel symptoms start or to help lessen the effects of your illness during the disease. 

Always be sure you are using premium organic elderberries and are cooking them for the recommended time. Consuming raw Elderberry can cause nausea and other unpleasant stomach issues, as the uncooked seeds are toxic. 

Femallay’s Elderberry Immune Boost Tea and Syrup Recipe

While some homemade elderberry tea recipes call for ordering your elderberries and adding in ginger and cinnamon sticks, you can save time and money by using our Elderberry blend as a tea or a syrup!

Our proprietary immune-boosting herbal tea incorporates premium organic elderberries with organic cinnamon bark, echinacea herb, cloves, and ginger root. Each of these herbs and roots strengthens the supportive role that Elderberry plays in the body. 

Cinnamon Bark — Contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties
Echinacea  Improves immunity, anxiety, inflammation, and skin health
Cloves — Contains important nutrients, is high in antioxidants, and can kill bacteria
Ginger — Fights bacteria, viruses, and inflammation

To enjoy a cup of tea, pour 8 ounces of pure, freshly boiled water over 1-2 teaspoons of our elderberry boost tea blend, cover, and steep for 7-15 minutes, adjusting time to taste. Or, follow the recipe below to make a batch of syrup to enjoy year-round!

Homemade Elderberry Syrup Recipe

This natural immune-boosting recipe can be used to help keep your family feeling well! Particularly during the cold winter months, when colds and viruses spike and Vitamin D deficiency is more common, you won't want to be without a good Elderberry syrup!

• Prep Time: 5 mins
• Cook Time: 45 mins
• Total Time: 50 min


1/2 cup of Femallay’s Organic Elderberry Boost
6 Cups of Filtered or Distilled Water
1 Cup of Raw Honey

To make your own syrup —

1. Add 1/2 cup of our elderberry boost tea blend to 1.5 quarts (6 cups) of water.

2. Bring your water to a boil and simmer for 45 minutes on the stove (or cook on low in the crockpot for 6-8 hours).  

3. Once it cools, strain through a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth, pressing all the liquid out with a spoon. 

4. Add 1 cup of raw honey and mix well.

Note: To avoid killing the beneficial enzymes in raw honey, ensure the liquid is slightly warm or room temperature before adding the honey! 

5. Refrigerate your syrup in an airtight glass container for up to six months.

Recommended serving: 1 tablespoon daily for adults, and 1 teaspoon daily for children over one (children should not ingest honey before the age of 1).

Use this effective herbal remedy for cold and flu season or any other time you need a good immune boost!

Check out our other wellness teas to help your body prepare for and live well during all the different seasons of life.

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