10 Excellent Herbal Teas for Better Digestion

10 Excellent Herbal Teas for Better Digestion

Your stomach is at it again — and while you’d rather be enjoying the people you’re with, all you can think about is your discomfort. When you’ve had too much to eat, are nauseous from expecting, or simply have an easily-disrupted digestive system, you need some quick relief!

Herbal Teas for Digestion

Herbal teas can be a great supportive element in a whole-foods diet, nourishing your body, and restoring balance. One step further, these infusions can give you the nutrients you need without the jitters of caffeine. 

Here are ten of our favorite teas that can give your stomach support and healing. When blended with other herbals, these teas and tea ingredients can provide a super house of stamina when you’re feeling less than your best. 

Stop Indigestion

Ginger root is a common aid for digestive tract health and can help treat constipation, nausea and vomiting, belching and bloating, and gastritis and indigestion. One study even found that ginger could help reduce the presence of the H. Pylori bacteria. This standard in digestive health is the first that many reach for when they are feeling unwell.

Marshmallow Root
Marshmallow Root has long been held as a digestive aid. One study showed it is beneficial in treating intestinal obstructions, gastritis, constipation, and other common issues.  

Natural Remedies for Heartburn

ate too much digestive issues


Licorice has the unique ability to improve digestion and can help individuals who experience heartburn. One study saw “an increase in the secretion of serotonin and prostaglandins in the stomach that led to a decrease of gastric inflammation.” 

Whether you are struggling with recurrent acid reflux or simply have occasional digestive issues, licorice can help you relieve your symptoms. Additionally, some of licorice’s nutrients have been linked to antiviral, antimicrobial, anticancer, and anti‐inflammatory activities, but more research is needed to confirm all of these benefits.

Slippery Elm 

Slippery Elm produces better mucosa to prevent irritation of the throat when stomach acid presents a problem with GERD. Studies have shown its benefits for people who struggle with IBD and IBS.


Chamomile is commonly taken at bedtime for its calming properties. But this flower has so many other potential benefits — it is one of the superpowers in the plant families! For digestion, Chamomile can help eliminate gas, work as a digestive aid, and lower stomach acids in fighting reflux. 

Improving Overall Digestive Health

Lemon Peel 

Lemon can help address a variety of health needs - from Vitamin C and immune-boosting to antibacterial properties, Lemon is another superfood. Lemon peel contains polyphenols (LPP), and one study demonstrated that the LPPs can improve microbiome in the intestinal track. 

Dandelion Root

Dandelion can help reduce inflammation, relieving stomach cramps. It can also help the body produce gastric juices, breaking down food and complex carbohydrates, improving insulin acceptance.

Honeybush and Roobios Tea

Honeybush and Roobios teas, made from the same family of plants but prepared differently, provides “antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic and cancer inhibition properties.” Rooibos specifically can help relieve stomach cramps and diarrhea. These two teas can have anti-diabetic effects and help in breaking down foods for digestion. 

Cinnamon Bark Tea
Cinnamon bark can help gastrointestinal issues, like upset stomach and flatulence as well as bacteria that attacks the stomach. Some studies show that it, in combination with other natural remedies, can improve IBS symptoms. 

Drinking Tea as a Digestive Aid

Around the holidays, many people are on the go, eating things that they normally wouldn’t, and needing to be present with their loved ones. When your stomach cramps or you just feel tired and bloated, it’s hard to focus on others. 

Herbal teas can give you the support you need for digestion when it matters most! Enjoy the soothing, calming, and healing properties to help you regain your wellness for the hours or days ahead. 

Check out our supportive blends for digestive wellness. Drinking a cup of Femallay tea will leave you with a new experience of drinking tea!

The quality and combination of our herbals provide superior taste and a higher potential for absorbing nutrients. Enjoy the finest organic loose leaf herbal teas to support your journey toward whole-body health.

Chai Tea to Ease Stomach


Gut Health Chai Tea
Anti-inflammatory chai spices blended with tummy coating licorice, marshmallow root, and slippery elm create the ultimate smooth and mildly spicy tea to promote stomach and intestinal wellness.


Dessert Herbal Tea for Digestive Health


Mint Chocolate Yerba Mate
Earthy dark chocolate and refreshing mint blend with the gentle sweetness of carob to bring you an energizing, tummy soothing, and guilt-free dessert tea.


Mother's Herbal Tea


Organic Mother Blossom
Nourish your body and precious baby while soothing tummy troubles with a refreshing infusion of mint, lemon balm, and ginger blended with traditionally cherished herbs for reproductive health.


Women's Wellness Tea


Perfectly Balanced Women’s Tea
Delicate floral notes and bright citrus blend harmoniously with stimulating mint and nurturing herbs to create an aromatic cup of feminine health-boosting tea.

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