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Affiliate Programs 101: Simple Steps to Start Earning Money

So many women and moms today are looking for supplemental income using their talents and desire to make a difference. 

Those of you who are already affiliates — you know that today’s online market is stronger than ever! You CAN make some great supplemental income through affiliate marketing. Many of our customers who have a decent following on social media, their blog, or vlog can sign up, share a link, and make money instantly! 

Here are a few simple tips as you start researching how to earn money through affiliate programs and how you can get involved with Femallay’s affiliate program today.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Your job is simple. 

You get the message out on topics that people in your network are interested in. And you work on your own time, on your own schedule.

Your primary platform may be Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, your blog and email list, or all of the above. Regardless of the platform, you can share your experiences with your tribe or community you’ve built — and help to support your nest egg or vacation savings!

Some of the ways you can earn money are —

  1. Incorporating banners and ads throughout your site that use your special affiliate link or coupon code to track who visits and makes a purchase through your referral,
  2. Writing about the products organically in your Instagram content and link out to the product from the text,
  3. Posting a video to TikTok or IGTV that mentions a product with your coupon code,
  4. Designing a banner on Pinterest and link to the product using your affiliate link,
  5. Creating a blog post that links out to some products that help to fulfill a need, or
  6. Sharing a product review on Facebook along with your affiliate link to the product you’re reviewing. 

Depending on your goals and network of friends and followers, you can potentially start posting and earning today!

Can I Really Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

Whether you are a happy customer who’s interested in making a little money on the side (mainly through social) or you have a blog or YouTube channel or are interested in creating one, affiliate marketing programs can help you start earning supplemental income, increase your e-commerce business, or fulfill whatever goal you give yourself.

Woman working as affiliate marketer

To grow as an affiliate marketer, you simply have to have a clear message and know the audience you’re speaking to. Once you’ve chosen your platform and your niche, you can look for the physical products, digital products, and/or services you think your audience needs or wants. There’s a wide range of products available for you to represent to your group. 

There are so many user friendly resources to help you get started that you can find by simply searching on Pinterest or on Google! Today, we want to go over the basics with you, to give you a great starting point. 

Getting Started with Affiliate Programs

Here is an overview of how you can grow an affiliate business and 6 action steps you can take to start broadening your reach and impact. 

1. Choose Your Platform

You can do well simply on social media or with a blog — and then market to your audiences on both. There’s no right or wrong way to get started. But here are some things to consider if you’re starting with a website vs. social.

If you’re not blogging or attempting to be a social influencer:

A regular customer with a decent following and engagement can also be an affiliate for companies that they strongly believe in! If you’re a happy customer who loves a product, why not let the world know and make a side income from it?! Simply post consistently about your favorite products, link out with your code, and voila! You’re making income from simply telling people you love it and why!

Website Platform:

If you’re starting with a blog or website, there’s so much potential with blogging, SEO, and using Pinterest to link back to your blog. Be sure you have a great web hosting solution and a fast site that has apps that will help take care of technical SEO for you! There are many technical aspects that have to be done right to see traction and getting your blogs and keywords recognized by Google. We'll provide some great resources in our next affiliate marketing article to provide further guidance. 

Social Media Only:

If you’re starting with social media, consider using Instagram and TikTok in combination with Pinterest.  You can also choose to focus on just one social media platform and really grow that space. There are many valuable free programs, tutorials, and inspirations out there — you just have to decide to get started and move forward.  Again, more tips and info to come on this!

2. Niche Down

Now, if you’re going to be more intentional and you want to be a social influencer, decide what kind of person you are targeting. 

A lot of people get caught up thinking that they’re talking to all women or all people, when in reality, if you’re not speaking to one person, your message is getting lost in the crowd. You want the space you create to resonate with a person that you would sit across from and chat with over coffee. Write down some key components of what this person is like, and keep it somewhere easily accessible. 

Once you know the person you’re speaking to, uncover what problems he or she has that you need to solve. Be very specific and know what you’re going to talk about through your platform. From there, you can create content calendars that give you a huge step up in staying on top of the content you’re producing. 

3. Search for Affiliate Programs

Research some successful affiliate partners and find what works for them. Look at the other people in your ideal space and study how they interact with their people and incorporate their affiliate programs into their content. You can get a good idea of the kinds of companies you may want to represent. 

Find affiliate programs of products that you love and can rally behind. You know what works for others, but find the companies that YOU love and want your tribe to love too! Focus on 2-3 amazing products and companies that you can see yourself representing often and supplement with others as needed. 

You will most likely need to apply for the various programs you’re interested in — some have simple processes while others take a little more time. Also be aware that the percentage rates fluctuate from brand to brand, so look for programs that pay out a median to high commission rate. A good rate is around 10%, but printable products, eBooks, eCourses, etc. may offer as much as 50% commissions as they have a very low overhead cost.

4. Create Standout Content

Regardless of each post's purpose, be sure that you’re creating high-quality content that inspires and gives more to your audience than simply selling them a product. 

To know if your content is resounding with your audience, study your traffic numbers as well as what other successful influencers are doing. You can always be studying more or trying something new, but once you find your groove, stick with it for a few months to see how it’s working. If you need to start changing it up again, you’ll be able to adjust old posts and create new ones with a variety of techniques (videos, video tutorials, inspirational blogs, etc.)

Also remember that something that works for someone else might not work for you. Be sure you’re staying authentic to your voice and what your tribe likes to read about or watch, and you should see growth.

5. Drive Traffic to Your Companies

Keyword Research

If you’re on a blog or Pinterest, you have a trove of information to help you rank higher — namely, keyword research. You can use something like Ubersuggest or another free keyword research tool to find the words people search for in Google. You place that keyword strategically in your titles, headings, and body (as well as the names of your images) and you can let Google know that your content will answer the searcher’s questions. 

Research Your Top Performing Posts

Find your top-performing posts on Google Analytics or Ubersuggest. On Google Analytics simply go to Google Analytics > Acquisition > Social > Landing pages. Try to see what products you can naturally recommend on those pages to gain exposure and monetize.

If you do most of your content creation on Social, you can use hashtag research to find more people who are interested in what you’re saying. Use Tailwind or Later to schedule your posts and take advantage of their analytics software to understand which posts are getting noticed. 

6. Get Clicks and Convert those Clicks to Sales

Analyze which products you are earning well from — and hone in on these companies. Write posts that can help people solve their problems using these products. Use all of your research and analytic power to make content decisions that bring people back to these products time and time again. 

How Femallay’s Partner Program Works

We wanted to explain this process because we’re passionate about sharing our products through our own affiliate program!

Phone, computer, and Femallay products

Whether you’re a mom looking to simply pay for her products with her income or you’re a professional affiliate, we invite you to share in our passion for women’s health and wellness with your audience.

We’d love for you to check out our program, get your unique referral code, and start sharing! Your referral code will automatically track any sales originating from your links, and you'll receive 10% commission on all referred sales.

It's as easy as cut and paste, and you'll have access to your own backend affiliate login where you can track your earnings and stats and check for new available banners and links.

Are you ready to start earning as an affiliate marketer for Femallay? Learn more about our program, commissions, getting paid — and start the process today!

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