The Best Iced Chai Latte Recipe With Health Benefits!

The Best Iced Chai Latte Recipe With Health Benefits!

Where are my coffee lovers at?!

While we all tend to love that extra shot of energy first thing in the morning, sometimes we need another option to help us stay on track with lowering caffeine levels, upping our nutritional intake, or just want some variety!

We're going to go through our oh-so-simple but delectable approach to making a healthy iced latte — this recipe is super easy but adds a nutrient-rich flair to your daily morning (or anytime) routine!

We may be partial but we think it's the best iced latte recipe around!

Best Iced Latte Recipe with Health Benefits!

Best Iced Latte Recipe — With Gut Healing Chai

Now you may be thinking, eh, I'm not sure about a tea latte. But with these loose leaf teas, you're getting a more potent, richer flavor profile than a lot of other traditional tea bags.

And our recipe helps you steep the best tasting and potent tea to give that warm and exceptionally earthy flavor to your latte.

Here are the ingredients that you need to make this absolutely delicious iced treat!

  • Healthy Gut Chai from Femallay
  • Your Milk of Choice (we suggest coconut or raw milk)
  • Raw Honey
  • Cinnamon (optional)

ingredients for chai latte

Instructions for the Healthy Gut Chai Latte

When you're preparing this latte, it's a great time to take a break in your day and recenter on what you need to accomplish and how you want to feel. Worry, stress, and anxiety can fill our minds, especially since 2020 changed our perspective on our homes and the outside world. 

When you need to find a quiet space, the routine and rhythm of preparing tea can help you destress and find a few moments to unwind. 

And when you're ingesting herbals and adaptogens through these tea blends, they work to support your overall health and wellness!

Interested in knowing how this tea latte can help you? Check out the incredible ingredients and herbals that we've curated for your health and happiness!

If you make your own latte, be sure to share a pic on social and tag us @femallay — we love seeing women support their wellness with healthy options!