The best menstrual cup featuring Femallay's Easy Empty Cup

The Best Menstrual Cup for Your Body & Lifestyle

So you heard about the menstrual cup — you may have seen it on a crunchy blog you follow or saw one in a store and thought, “What the what?!”

best menstrual cup on bathroom counter

We know. Alternative period care can be mind-blowing.

Once you know the facts, see the amount of money you can save, and understand how you can impact the environment, you may never go back.

At Femallay, we know we’re slightly partial, but we want to help you find the best menstrual cup. For you!  

There are a few questions you can ask yourself that will help you navigate if a menstrual cup is an ideal choice for your body and lifestyle —

Woman holding menstrual cup in bag

• How busy is your lifestyle and is taking care of your period a constant concern?

• Is sustainability and caring for our planet important to you?

• Do you prefer natural, toxin-free products?

• Do you like to invest in solutions that save money in the long-run?

• Are you willing to try something new?

• And do you want to find something that outperforms everything you’ve ever used for your period before?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re our kind of woman!

Excited to find out more? Let’s get started! 

What is a Menstrual Cup?

Menstrual cups are flexible silicone or latex cups that you can fold and insert into your vagina, like a tampon. They come in all kinds of weights, thicknesses, and slightly different shapes and dimensions — but they all look about like the flute of a wine cup, hold a certain amount of fluid for up to 12 hours, and must be emptied, cleaned, and sanitized to keep their integrity.

Menstrual Cup C fold

How do Menstrual Cups Work?

Fold your cup and insert into your vagina, facing it towards your tailbone like you would a tampon.

Once inserted, you hold your menstrual cup at the base and turn it in a circle until you feel the cup open up inside of you. The top rim of the cup creates a seal around your cervix or within your vagina, and will collect fluid until it's time to empty, rinse, and reinsert!

You can go about your day pretending you aren't on your period, because the cup keeps you comfortably protected from leaks for hours at a time.

Now, you might think, “Why would I want to deal with emptying and cleaning something like that?!” But remember you have to attend to your period care every few hours anyway, but with most cups you only have to deal with your period every 8-12 hours, and even longer than that with Femallay’s unique and proprietary Easy-Empty Cup (more about this special cup below)! 

The cup gives you freedom to truly go about your day without worrying about or changing out your period care multiple times while you are away from home - and dealing with the embarrassing noise and wasteful trash of disposables while out and about.

Most women, after getting into their rhythm, have an easier time dealing with their period while using a cup. We suggest taking care of cleaning and sanitizing it when you’re most comfortable at home — getting ready for the day or ending it — or perhaps even in the shower. Although, if you need to in a public restroom, it's really no big deal! You can easily dump and wipe out your cup, reinsert, and go about your day.

Even if you are on your heavier days — you can still wear a cup! You may need to dump and rinse more frequently on heavy days, but cups do come in a variety of sizes (get a large if you need extra capacity), so most women won't need to worry about “overflowing.” To be on the safe side, you can wear a panty-liner for the first couple cycles, until you adjust to knowing when the cup has properly sealed as well as when it feels full and needs to be emptied.

Why Choose a Menstrual Cup?

Traditionally, tampons and pads have been the gold standard, because they promise ease-of-use, quick solutions, and disposability. 

But when you start looking at menstrual cups as an alternative, you'll find that smart cup innovations in the past decade can give you an even better period care solution than disposables! Sure, there will likely be trial and error as you learn your body and learn the cup — but once you get the hang of it, you won't ever look back!

Woman holding purple simplicity cup
While there are so many great reasons to wear a cup, including comfort and convenience, three of the top reasons are limiting your exposure to toxins, supporting a sustainable lifestyle, and saving money long-term.

Toxin-Free. When you insert a tampon or put a pad on, the absorbent cotton has gone through a few different processes that leave chemical byproducts. Your body takes in the chemicals over time, which have been known to cause fertility issues among other health issues, never mind the ever-present risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) with tampon use.

When you put a cup in, you are able to do anything you would wearing a tampon, but without the potential side effects. (Risk of TSS is very low with menstrual cup use.) Our cups are latex-free and crafted from 100% medical-grade silicone. That means you can move confidently through your day, knowing your body will never be exposed to the harmful chemicals in disposable tampons and pads.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable. We all are aware that landfills are spilling over into the oceans and entire islands are being used as a trash reservoir. Making sustainable choices every single day helps keep our planet healthy for future generations. Using reusable period care and cups specifically, can and will support your sustainable lifestyle. 

Cost Savings. Typically a woman can spend $50 to $150 a year on period care items. If you’re using organic material (which we would always recommend), your period care cost will be closer to the $150 mark. 

Most period cups cost around $30 and can last years with proper care, effectively saving you hundreds of dollars in period care costs!

Are Menstrual Cups Safe and Comfortable?

Wearing a menstrual cup (when cared for properly) is very safe. Rinse and wash as your user guide recommends, and you can enjoy toxin-free period protection that's better for your body and the planet for years to come.

Wearing a cup should be very comfortable. When figuring out which period cup will be right for you, take into account your age and/or experiences, your cervix, and the thickness of the cup. You want to find one that will fit your body properly — and gives you the most convenience.  

Your Cup Size

Small Size
  • Under 25 Years of Age
  • Never Given Birth
  • Very Physically Fit, Regardless of Age
Large Size 
  • Over 25 Years of Age
  • Have Regular Intercourse or Given Birth

Our bodies are all unique, but a general rule of thumb for finding your perfect cup size is:

If you are under 25 and haven't given birth yet, you will probably find the small size cup fits best. Physically fit individuals also may find the small cup ideal, even if they are older than 25.

And if you are over 25 and have regular intercourse, or have given birth, you will likely find the large size cup fits more comfortably and creates a better seal.

Your Cervix

If you don’t know anything about your cervix, this is a great opportunity to learn more about your body! Most women have an average angle and will be able to wear whichever cup they choose, but some may have a very high or a very low cervix. You don't want to stress over a cup that's high up and hard to take out or one that's too long and poking out.

To check your cervix, simply place one finger in your vagina and feel for something that feels like the top of your nose - a bit firm and bumpy and you may feel the opening in the middle. Basically, if you feel anything other than soft vaginal walls there is a good chance this is your cervix.

If it's lower, it will be closer to the vaginal opening, or if you have a hard time finding it, it is probably higher up. To know for sure, use your thumb as a place holder after inserting your longest finger so you can then measure with a ruler how far in your cervix is. A high cervix is considered anything 2.25" (55 mm) or more deep. A cervix is considered low when it is 1.6" (44 mm) or less from your vaginal opening.

Bear in mind that your cervix will move down a little during your cycle!

Thickness of the Cup

Besides size and anatomy, the last component for comfort is the weight or thickness of the cup. You may find that some cups are too thin and not strong enough while others are too thick and uncomfortable to insert and remove or press against your bladder. Our cups are made with a medium firmness level, perfect for women who are first-time users or pros who own multiple varieties! 

Why Choose Femallay?

At Femallay, we offer two unique menstrual cup designs, so you can find the best cup for you!

Our Simplicity™️ and Easy-Empty™️ Cups both come in small and large sizes with stylish colors to choose from.

The Simplicity™️ Menstrual Cup

Our Simplicity™️ Cup was designed to be customizable. It's traditional shape and stem with bead grips are comfortable and extremely simple to insert and remove.

Sometimes stems can be uncomfortable for those with a low or tilted cervix. This stem can be trimmed to a comfortable length. If you have a high cervix, you can tie a sstring or unflavored dental floss around the top bead to help with removal, like a tampon.  

Simplicity Cup being cut to size
The Easy-Empty™ Menstrual Cup 

This menstrual cup is a wonderful option for most because of it's extended wear time and ease of use! Although, if stems are an issue for you because of a lower cervix, this cup may not be the best fit, as the stem cannot be trimmed without compromising the functionality of the cup.

Our Easy-Empty™ Menstrual Cup is the only FDA registered period cup in existence that can be emptied without removing it. Taking control of your flow has never been easier!

Our proprietary valve design is hollow, with a bead holding the fluid in. You simply pinch the bead up to release the fluid while using the restroom and pinch back down to continue with your day.

You can now live your life with no mess, no strings, no waste, and no hassle for up to 24 hours!

A convenient time to clean your cup is during your shower - washing it before reinserting each day of your period. This solution provides the most simple care for that time of the month. 

Both of our cup options have a unique, curvy design and thick yet comfortable upper lip that helps to seal and protect from leaks. You should be able to wear them at any time of day, whether exercising, swimming, or sleeping. 

We created the Femallay line to deliver natural wellness solutions to the modern woman, from hormone-balancing teas to quality period care. To take great care of our customers, we provide an extended happiness guarantee that allows you to return any Femallay menstrual cups up to 120-days from your purchase date.

We want you to try your new period care with confidence, knowing that we’re here to help you get used to the product and will give you the time you need to ensure you’ve found the right fit.

If you have any questions about Femallay products, contact our feminine care experts anytime at!